What are the Six Stages of Assignment Writing?

November 18 2016

What are the six stages of assignment writing?

Assignment writing most of the time becomes a tedious task for many students no matter in which fields they are majoring in. It always requires a lot more time and effort than a regular lesson or exam. Most of it involves some sort of research to a certain extent. Each individual may find a variation of ease for writing assignments. Students are required to write assignment started from school and up to PhD. Assignments need to be submitted at different points during a particular course and sometimes may need to be written for every subject in a semester. Hence there is no way out of writing assignment or skipping this task.

However in order to simplify tasks for students there are six major steps to follow when writing assignments. Below explained are the different stages of assignment writing.

  1. Pre-writing – Pre-writing belongs to the initial stages of assignment writing. At the very beginning you are given a topic to research and write on. Sometimes it maybe a list of several topics from which you are to choose one topic of your liking. In certain cases you are given the option of select a topic of your choice which would be ideally favorable for the student as he/she can find a topics he/she is comfortable with. Eventually the topic plays a major role in assignment writing as that is what it’s all about.
  1. Gather ideas – Once you get a topic it is important to gather information around that topic. You can use several ways to gather this information. One most important asses available is the internet and search engines to research on the relevant topic.
  1. Organize ideas –The next step is to appropriately organize the ideas you have obtained via step two. Think of how the ideas are going to be structures. Which point comes first and which last. Arrange them in such an order that there is a flow in the article.
  1. Write – This is where you actually start on writing the information under the selected topic based on the ideas organized above.
  1. Review – Read the article and find out any drawbacks you feel are there. Give it to a colleague and get his idea and improvements.
  1. Restructure – Based on step 5 above restructure the assignment. Read it again and see how the overall content fits in together and if any modifications are required.

So by following the above list you are on your way to successful assignment writing!



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