Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

My Perfect Assignment(“We”) help students overcome the fear of utilizing an online platform, in regards to assignments and projects done in their various fields of study. Our products and services are available only to those clients that have read and understood our terms and conditions, and agrees to them. Before you order for any work to be done by us, please ensure you read through and agree to the following Terms and Conditions.

The terminologies used in this document are stated below:

  • 1. “Website” refers to https://www.myperfectassignment.com
  • 2. “We”, “Us”, “Our”, “Company” refers to My Perfect Assignment.
  • 3. “You”, “The client”, “Customer”, “Your” “He / She” refers to you or anyone using our services.
  • 4. “Order” refers to the request placed by you for a particular product or service we offer.

Any use of the above terminology in singular or plural form, capitalized or otherwise, is referring to the same thing and can be used interchangeably.


By accepting and using our services, you agree to be bound by the following terms.

  • 1. By accepting the terms and conditions, the client (“You”) agrees that any material written or otherwise, delivered by My Perfect Assignment serves as a reference paper and is intended to be used as a model, not submitted as it is. Our focus lies in assisting you, giving you examples and ideas, to enable you effectively complete your own work. The client must never submit any materials sold and delivered by My Perfect Assignment as though it were your work, to your university, school or any educational institution
  • 2. The client agrees to carefully and meticulously check, the rules and regulations governing the submission of assignments and any written academic work, in their university or educational institution. Also, the client agrees to examine the rules governing the use of services such as those provided by My Perfect Assignment before ordering for any of our services. If you believe that the use of our services is permitted based on your school’s rules and regulations, the client must then confirm and check on how our services work, and if it fits your needs.
  • 3. My Perfect Assignment was established with the aim of providing adequate privacy and security for your work, and 100% non-plagiarised services. All written work done by My Perfect Assignment and sold to you, are put through a series of plagiarism checks to ensure 100% uniqueness. In line with our guarantee of privacy and security, we do not use or distribute, neither do we re-sell, any written material we have already sold to you. My Perfect Assignment would never publish intentionally, any written work already sold to you, on a website, database, or in a magazine. We however, would recommend, that all our clients take the extra effort to also check for plagiarism.
  • 4. My Perfect Assignment has never been and is currently not involved in or associated with any article directory or essay database.
  • 5. The client agrees and understands that all written materials, sold and delivered to the client by My Perfect Assignment, is protected under the copyright of My Perfect Assignment. A violation of that copyright is in breach of the terms and conditions stated in this document. The client agrees never to use the work provided by My Perfect Assignment for redistribution or display, without making an explicit agreement first, with My Perfect Assignment.
  • 6. My Perfect Assignment has the right to refuse and discontinue the provision of services to any client, in regards to the preparation and sales of any written work, if it is suspected, that the client’s use of the written work provided by us, violates any of the terms and conditions stated clearly in this document. In addition, My Perfect Assignment is not liable or responsible, if the terms and conditions stated in this document, unknown and undetected by My Perfect Assignment, is violated in any way.
  • 7. The client agrees that My Perfect Assignment is not responsible or liable in any way, if the use of any assignments or written work sold and delivered to you through our services, as a model for your own work, is in violation of the policies or rules and regulations, governing the academic work in your school or institution. The client also agrees that the decision to make use of the services offered by My Perfect Assignment is made on the client’s free will.
  • 8. The client agrees that any statements made by the My Perfect Assignment or any of its employees, on the website, in person, or otherwise, in regards to your work and use of our services, is merely an opinion, and not an advice or a statement of fact.
  • 9. The client understands also, that any opinions expressed by external employees and associates of My Perfect Assignment, are not necessarily the views of My Perfect Assignment and are not approved by My Perfect Assignment.
  • 10. The client agrees that My Perfect Assignment does not bear any responsibility and is not liable for any individual or associate affiliated with the company who uses the company’s brand name for outsourcing work from other companies, or who tries to break the terms and conditions of My Perfect Assignment as stated in this paper.
  • 11. My Perfect Assignment is not responsible if you (the client) get punished for using our services. It is to serve as an educational research tool, a reference for your final work, and not submitted as it is.
  • 12. My Perfect Assignment has a strict no refund policy for services and work already sold and delivered by us. Refund would only be given in extreme situations as determined by My Perfect Assignment. The client agrees to be bound to this policy.
  • 13. The client agrees and understands that dependence on the services of My Perfect Assignment is completely at the client’s risk. The decision to use our services, if in any way would cause the client to miss deadlines, examinations, or jeopardize their degree, is not in any way our responsibility, and we would not be held liable.
  • 14. In addition to carefully and meticulously checking if the school has any regulation against the use of our services, the client must confirm if it is necessary for the work we provided to be referenced in their final work. This decision is solely that of the client and should be made in accordance with the school’s policy. My Perfect Assignment is not responsible or liable for any decision made by the client.
  • 15. The client agrees and understands that as soon as an order is made and fees are made, fully or in part, we begin work right away and the client is not allowed to cancel the order. In addition, the client is expected to pay the totality of the fees, once the work on the order begins.
  • 16. My Perfect Assignment uses experts and professionals in different fields for our writing needs. We have the right to fully refund payment made by a client, without any obligation to perform the services ordered for, or pay any additional cost, if we are unable to complete the work due to lack of available writers, within a week of receipt of payment.
  • 17. The services performed by My Perfect Assignment are merely templates and reference materials for the client to use as a form of assistance in performing his own work. They do not, in any way, constitute professional advice.
  • 18. My Perfect Assignment work tirelessly to ensure that all information provided in the services we offer are completely accurate. However, we offer free unlimited revisions to our clients. The client understands that My Perfect Assignment, would at its discretion, provide free alterations for any errors due to inaccuracy of information contained in any written work sold and delivered to you.
  • 19. My Perfect Assignment promises their clients on-time delivery at all times. As a result, we will give our clients a 5% discount on the full price for the services ordered, for every day (24 hours) that there is a delay in the delivery of your work.
  • 20. All details of our clients are treated as completely private here at My Perfect Assignment. We assure all clients that none of their confidential and personal details would knowingly be revealed to anyone outside our company or any third party.
  • 21. Our delivery times are exclusive of Sundays and Bank Holidays unless you specifically place an urgent order for a next day delivery.
  • 22. My Perfect Assignment supplies services and written work based on the standard paid for by the client. The client agrees to check the services and written work delivered by My Perfect Assignment, to ensure that the work is of the standard that was requested and paid for, and that the work completely satisfies their requirements.
  • 23. In the event where the client is not satisfied with the service and work provided, the client has a limited period of 7 days i.e. 168 hours from the time of the delivery, to make a request for alterations and changes to be made to the work. This request would be handled free of charge, and we would ensure the final work is to the satisfaction of the client. However, if the client fails to make a request within 7 days from the time of delivery, the alterations would not be carried out, and the client would be required to make additional cost, based on the discretion of My Perfect Assignment. My Perfect Assignment reserves the right to refuse to make any alterations, especially if the alterations is not included in the original order and a request is not made during the 7-day period.
  • 24. The client understands and agrees that the standard ordered and paid for, is not an assurance of the degree and grade the client would receive from his or her school, university or educational institution. All work done by My Perfect Assignment is only to serve as a reference model or an example, to help and assist the client in completing your own work by yourself. Any work done by My Perfect Assignment, that is used and submitted as was delivered, constitutes a breach of the terms and conditions stated in this document and is an infringement on our copyright. This is strictly prohibited and unacceptable, hence, the client needs to alter the work done by us before submission. However, once the client alters the document in any way, it cannot be expected that the work would still be of the same quality and standard, as requested and paid for.
  • 25. My Perfect Assignment does not guarantee the grade of any final work done by the client and submitted by the client to his or her school, university or academic institution. My Perfect Assignment is not liable or responsible in any way, for a failure to meet the grade required by the client.
  • 26. My Perfect Assignment protects the personal details and confidentiality of its clients. However, it is the responsibility of the client to remove any personal details and information that may be contained in any documents attached to your order, as these attached documents are sent directly to your writer, or the team in charge of your project.
  • 27. All services and written work provided by My Perfect Assignment are done by experts and under the copyright of My Perfect Assignment. Hence, it should not be handled as though it belongs to you. It is our belief that a student better understands the requirements of an assignment or a paper and no one can deliver an assignment, or the solution to a particular question like a student can.
  • 28. If the use of our services is prohibited by your school, university, or educational institution, My Perfect Assignment would not be in any way held liable or responsible, for any form of punishment the client might receive due to academic misconduct.
  • 29. My Perfect Assignment reserves the right to change or modify any of the terms and conditions contained and stated in this document, at any point in time. It is recommended that the client reads through the terms and conditions in this document before making any order, even if you have read it before on previous orders. However, we would reflect any changes made to this document on the website.
  • 30. Our company is registered in India and currently we are working from India (New Delhi).
  • 31. My Perfect Assignment has no professional or legal tie up with any university or educational institution in Australia. We have used logos of several universities just for website beautification.
  • 32. Our services are strictly not available to higher education students undertaking an Australian course of study with an Australian higher education provider, or for an overseas course of study delivered at Australian premises as per Australian legislation.

By using our services and accessing our website, you agree to be bound to the terms and conditions of My Perfect Assignment, as stated above. In the event that you disagree with our terms, please exit our website and discontinue the use of our services.

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