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PHP assignment help

Here are some facts on the now popular PHP language.(PHP Assignment Help)


  • PHP is used as a programming language as well as a scripting language used for developing websites. It is a very popular option among developers of modern types. It is used for server side web development.
  • PHP was initially Personal Home Page whereas now it stands for Hypertext Preprocessor.
  • The language was created by Rasmus Lerdorf in the year 1994
  • Many versions of PHP were released periodically during the past few years. The latest release is in November 2016 which is release number 7.1.



  • It is a very widely used language and is thought for Information Technology and website designing students by many universities around the world.
  • PHP is used in many applications. Some of it is PHP gathering user data, designing graphics and PHP in mathematics and calculations.
  • PHP can be combined with HTML when used for website designing. HTML code can be embedded within PHP.
  • The language can be deployed many platforms, Operating Systems and Database Management Systems.



  • The PHP interpreter only executes the PHP codes which resign within the defined delimiters.
  • Comments can be represented in three ways: /**/ for inline and block type of comments and // and # for single line comments.
  • PHP is similar to the C language syntax. Using for loops, while loops and the function returns are the same as Java, C#, C++, C and Perl programming and scripting languages.


Data types

  • PHP uses the data types integer (32 bit and 64 bit signed integer), float, Boolean, null and arrays.
  • Resources and references from external sources are represented by the variable type named “resource”.
  • PHP language has its own inbuilt library which has many naming consistencies used in the coding.



  • PHP is an object-oriented programming language similar to programming languages such as Java.
  • Object orientation was introduced to the language via PHP 3. It was further improved in PHP release 4. This vastly improved the use of the language making tasks easier for the programmers.



  • The language supports free and open-source libraries.
  • It all supports function calls within the program.


PHP Certification

  • PHP certification is provided by Zend Technologies, California, USA for PHP 5.5. The certification is a huge plus point for any PHP developer as there is high demand for developers in this language but equally high competition for the standard.

PHP has become a must know the language for developers at present.


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