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Mobile applications development is very much in demand at present due to the wide variety of application being introduced in the mobile and communication industry.

There are three main types of mobile platforms in use in the mobile world. They are as follows;

  1. Android – By Google
  2. IOS – By Apple
  3. Windows – By Microsoft



Android was introduced by Google Inc. It is a partly open source mobile platform. There is more space to expand and customize the Operating System according to the needs. Android is a common platform used among many mobile phone manufacturing companies. It is also a relatively cheap option than its competitors IOS and Windows. Android has release several versions of its Operating System software in the past years.


IOS is the platform used in mobile phones, tablets and related accessories produced by Apple Inc. It is more resilient to customizing and is relatively expensive than its counterparts. IOS is exclusively used in products by Apple Inc. No other mobile and related accessories manufacturers can use the platform in their products. Hence it is generally less prone to malfunctions and threats.


Windows is the Operating System used by Microsoft in their PCs, Laptops, tablets and mobile phones etc. It is not a common platform seen in many mobile phones. It also is not customizable to the extent that Android is.

Mobile applications have become a very common option from personal life to professional life. They can be sued for personal communication and to keep in touch with friends and family as well as run your business successfully. The following are some of the benefits of mobile applications development.

  1. Availability – Mobile phones can be carried wherever you go. Hence you are connected in whichever place you are currently at. This makes it easy to keep in touch and share information from anywhere in the world no matter what time it is.
  2. Speed reliability – As long as you have a network connection you can upload or download anything not restricted in accessibility to you in unbelievable speeds. The speed depends greatly on the type of connection you have and where you are. But nevertheless generally mobile applications tend to be speedy and reliable as opposed to the contrary
  3. Improved productivity – Due to the ease of mobile phone applications you tend to do your work more frequently and be in track in order to keep up with the work. This results in a productive individual in you.
  4. Predictions – With the development of applications it is now easier to track progress and predict things much faster. For example it is easy to track your earnings and saving comparatively. These are some of the many benefits that come with mobile applications development.


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