How to Write Effective Assignments in order to Secure Top Grades?

November 18 2016

How to write effective assignments in order to secure top grades?

Students are required to write quality assignments for many subjects starting from School. A few years back only University students and above focused on writing high quality assignments. However now it has become a requirement for school students to follow proper assignment writing guidelines in order to obtain top grades.

Following are a few of the main factors and points to consider in when writing an assignment in order to obtain good results from the same.

  1. Grammar rules – Always follow proper grammar rules. This is vital in any form of academic writing.
  2. Gather information – Research well on the topic. Use different sources to gather information. Analyze the facts and use your common sense to filter the necessary for your work.
  3. Referencing – Use proper referencing. When citing the work of another author always follow a referencing style recommended by your supervisor. Read well on such citation methods and make sure to use it properly in your document.
  4. Feedback – If possible obtain help from a senior students known to you or a friend. Consider their feedback and make necessary amendments if required.
  5. Spelling and punctuation – Use proper spelling and use of punctuation. Make use of the grammar and spell checking tools available for the word processor involved when writing.
  6. Deadlines – Meet the deadlines. Submit the completed document on or before the deadline. Do not try to make any excuses and extend the deadline as it may have a negative impact on your grading for the assignment.
  7. Methodology – Draft a method to follow when writing the assignment and stick to it. Rough out how you are going to start, continue and conclude it.
  8. Research – Research on the topic you are writing about via the internet or books available in the library or stores.
  9. Refer – Try to find a similar assignment written by another student and draft a basic outline of how you are going to work on yours. This does not mean simple copying from the previously completed assignment. However it may be used to a guide to follow.
  10. Break down and Plan – Break down the assignment in to parts to reduce its complexity. Plan your work and if possible finish part of it and show it to a senior or better yet the supervisor and obtain their comments on it.


All of the above steps may help you write a good assignment and make you obtain a good grading for it. Stick to the basics and you are well on your way to an excellent piece of assignment writing.

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