How to Follow Grammar rules while Writing an Assignment

November 18 2016

How to follow grammar rules while writing an assignment

Grammar is a vital fact to consider in any written document no matter the language it is written in. The English language considers grammar of utmost importance. Whether it be formal writing or informal writing, adhering to the grammatical rules gives a professional feel to anyone reading it. However when it comes to academic and technical writing following the grammatical rules is a must and can affect the grading of the piece of writing. This document the grammar rules to follow when writing an assignment.

  1. Active voice – Use active voice whenever possible avoiding the passive voice as much as you can.
  2. Clear meaning – Use words in a manner that gives a clear meaning to the sentence. Do not be vague in your descriptions as you need to give the message clearly.
  3. Limit repetitive words – Avoid repeating the same word many times. Often there is a limit a word could be reused. So be aware of such prior to starting on the assignment.
  4. Interchangeable words – Be aware of words which are easily interchangeable. For example as “its” and “it’s”. Know when to use which. If not sure ask someone or search the web. You can also refer an English grammar and spellings book.
  5. Punctuation – Use colons and semi colons sparingly. Be mindful of when and where to use them. If in doubt always research on it first.
  6. Sentence formation – Do not form very long sentences that it becomes quite as task to find the beginning of it while on the process of reading it half way through. Make the point clear and concise as much as possible.
  7. Sentence break – Be mindful of where to break a sentence with a comma to bring its proper meaning to the reader. This is a point that often gets missed and misleads the reader.
  8. Word order – Similar to the above point it is important to pay caution to the word order in which you write the sentence. A sentence with the same set of words reordered may give a completely different meaning to the reader.

These are some of the rules to be followed when writing as assignment in a proper grammatical way. As always it is better to re-check what is written and even refer it to a friend. The internet is also a good way to check on sentence formations. However word processing packages such as Microsoft Word have their inbuilt grammar and spell checking tools which can be used for assistance when writing an assignment.


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